Now... T-shirts!

I was thinking the other day how much I love t-shirts, and how I should make some. So I did. Here is the first one - available at

Saint Jerome

I doubt that this will surprise anyone, but I am quite a fan of both music and classic film. These two, plus my passion for art are the basis of what I'm about. I'm going to try to vary my posts from now on and discuss more of what goes into me and subsequently comes out in my drawings. And I hope that I am able to occasionally write something of interest to people who may be more familiar with music or movies, as opposed to art.

And, along with that - here is a drawing that I did recently. I titled it "Saint Jerome," because it made me think of the beginning of Ghostbusters, in which we see the phantom in the basement of the NY Public Library. The drawing is much more colorful than that ghost is, naturally.


New Prints

After much deliberation, I've decided to expand my selection of prints that are available from my etsy shop. I had previously been selling a few of my automatic drawings as prints, and now some of my large oil paintings are available in print form. I think that they look absolutely divine in their smaller state.



This piece is called "Interplanetary." Why? Perhaps I was thinking of the Beastie Boys as I was naming this one. For me, titling this series of drawings is just as important as the actual drawing of them. I hope that the titles encourage the viewer to make associations from the image and their own personal memories.

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