"Bathing Ladies"

Here is my latest painting. I am really quite pleased with how it turned out and am going to start a few more pieces using the same process. 


"Jack in Blue"

I just completed this portrait, loosely based on Jack Kerouac.


"Jesters at the Table"

I have been obviously influenced by many of the classic paintings that I have been looking at at the Met every week. I am fully encouraging the bits of art history to come out in my work. 



In this latest portrait I'm working out a few technical and compositional issues, at the same time exploring a new historical theme.


"The Clown Sailor"

The subject for this painting came to me in a dream. Yes, it's a bit bizarre, but it has something about it that makes me really fond of it. I hope that I have more dreams of paintings, this was so much fun to make.


"R + J at the End"

In my last few paintings I'm attempting to achieve very specific emotions.  


"E.H. Lonesome"

This painting is another experiment. I worked with lots of thick paint, and didn't thin it at all, working exclusively with a palette knife. 

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