A New Painting

I call this one "Post." It's actually my take on a scene in "Singing in the Rain" during which my love, Gene Kelly is dancing in the street.


September Series

Here are a four brand-spanking new small paintings. I call them my September Series, because that's when I did 'em, and because they look like autumn to me, except autumn indoors.


Bridge #1

I've been experimenting with different materials, on very small canvases. This one is acrylic paint, with charcoal and colored pencil. The different mediums give it a layered texture that I really like.


The State of the Galleries as I See Them

September. This is the time of year when all of the city's galleries open up with their best shows. It's kind of a big deal, right? So, last week I went over to Chelsea to have a look around, see if I could find anything to inspire me.  I hadn't gone gallery hopping for a few years, so I was excited.

Well, let me tell you, was I ever disappointed! It was sad in a way, because I was expecting so much better. I'm no art critic, but I have taste. I'll just say this. It seems like the art that is being done now has absolutely no purpose, it's not beautiful, it's not meaningful, it's not even shocking. Everything is done in the most obvious and uninteresting way possible. 

One example: A show entitled "Shit" was made up of large, glossy photographs of piles of shit. I swear the gallery even smelled like shit. I don't get it.


Checkered Grass

A new drawing for ya. I like how spacey and blank this piece is. There is a lot of room for the viewer to add to it with their own remembered imagery.


The LIving Room

I've begun a series of simple drawings, using pencil, ink and colored pencil. I am specifically trying to keep them super basic, and I'm having a lot of fun with them. I find with these latest drawings, that the work is deliberate and highly detailed - even if it doesn't seem like it from the pictures - believe me, there's more going on in there than seems to be!



I've been lazy lately. I ran out of canvases at the beginning of the week, and instead of going to the art store to buy some new ones, I decided to just paint over some old paintings. I've always liked working over a previous painting. Not only does it give me an obvious starting point, but I feel less pressure to not "mess up" the painting, plus it suits my layered style of working perfectly. These are a few paintings that I reworked the other day.


My Little Paintings Series

Here are some of my latest "Little Paintings" that I'm currently selling on my shop
They are all 8" x 10". I think they're simply darling, and would look fantastic grouped together.


Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder, 2008, oil and charcoal on canvas

I call this new one Rope Ladder, it continues my fascination with playgrounds and images from my youth.


Plastic House

Plastic House, 2008, oil and charcoal on canvas, 18" x 24"

I have always been influenced by architecture, and fascinated by the ultra-modern homes designed by people like Frank Lloyd Wright. When seeing pictures of such homes I find the interplay between the sleek design of the house and the natural surroundings a neat juxtaposition.


*NEW* My Etsy Shop!

I opened a shop on Etsy to sell some of my smaller paintings and drawings. I'm very excited to be able to sell my artwork directly to you. You can see my mini-shop to the left on this blog. I'll be updating the available paintings often, so keep checking to see what's new. Please check it out!

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