On the Town

The movie and the drawing it inspired.


In the Back of My Mind

I drew this while listening to the Beach Boys' Today! album. I think it speaks more to the longing and misunderstood-feeling aspect of the Beach Boys' music. It has always confused me how people so easily dismiss the Beach Boys as just simple, happy beach music - there are so many layers :)


How Crayons Are Made

This is to inspire and lift my spirits on this dreary day.



Babylon 8" x 10" ink on beige paper

I've noticed that when there is a lot going on in my life, my drawings become smaller, more controlled and more self-contained.



Being such a visual person, just about every album that I have ever listened to is associated in my mind with a singular image. My earliest memories are based on the music that was playing in my house, and along with it, the album covers that I saw often. It has only become known to me recently how strong an impression some of the album covers made on me when I was very young.

These two are albums that I remember seeing a lot, and I can easily see how the shapes and patterns stuck so lastingly in my mind, and have surely impacted my work.


Bye Birdie

I made this drawing while half watching "Bye Bye Birdie," a movie that I saw often enough when I was growing up. I'm not sure I care for it so much anymore. Definitely not one of my favorite musicals, but I do like how the drawing came out.


I'm fighting with myself over whether or not I should make some of my drawings a bit more intentional, less instinctual. I probably won't, but I'm thinking about it.


Touch 'Em All

My admiration and love for the game of baseball has been quite apparent in a few of my newest drawings. I'm usually unsure of how obvious the inspiration for my work is, but with these I think it's pretty clear. "Touch 'Em All" was drawn while watching the Mets play the Nationals.


The more I make these automatic drawings, the more meditative the process becomes. I see myself using them as a means of organizing information. Bits of thoughts, memories and the various images that I am exposed to throughout my day find their way into each piece.


The {NewNew} POPs up at 93 Nevins

My Etsy Team, The {NewNew}, will participate in this year's Atlantic Art Walk by highlighting artists that use environmentally-friendly materials in their creations at 93 Nevins Street - reclaimed from a building derelict for 20 years, this new townhouse was created with the idea to be as green as possible.

Art Walk is a free, self-guided tour of open artist studios and area exhibitions, a range of public art projects, special events, with local merchants hosting a range of artwork and events. Our pop-up shop will be open on both days of the Art Walk where participants in the self-guided, curated tour will get a taste of the variety of handmade items that are created in the local community.

Find green gifts made from sustainable materials such as silkscreened apparel, fine art drawings and prints, handmade ceramics, paper goods, plush toys, jewelry and housewares.

As always, we try to help you shop local within the top tier of craft.

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