Today's Tiny Paintings

I'm going with the tiny paintings for a little longer, I think they are terribly fun.


Tiny Paintings

I'm working smaller and smaller lately, partly for serious spacial obstacles. But nonetheless, I'm really enjoying the intimate nature that working on such a small scale creates. Both of these paintings are no bigger than 4" x 4."


My Fascination With Architecture

Everything I've been looking at and painting lately seems to have something to do with architecture. The idea that the structures we occupy have a great influence on us, on our personalities and actions, is very intriguing. The influence of our surroundings and the way in which our identities seem to shift along with a change in our location is easy to see. I imagine that every interior space has a holding of various memories that were formed there.

This is absolutely true for me, as all of my strongest recollections are intrinsically linked to a very specific location. With the paintings that I've done recently, I've created vague interiors, purposefully leaving some visual information out so as to encourage more work on the part of the viewer. The viewer is prompted to search their own memory database to fill in the holes in the piece, creating some sense of either nostalgia, longing, happiness, or sadness from this new composite recollection. It's fun to see what dormant memories are awakened from different paintings.


Painting: Box

I just finished this last night. Well, maybe it's not finished. I'll probably keep working on it. Let's call it a work in progress then. I started it with the intention to create a lot of movement with the drawn lines. I love drawing.


Painting: October 8

This painting is architectural and ordered, I like how spare it is, and how much movement there seems to be. A big thing for my work lately is implying motion, I want the lines to vibrate. The background interacts well with the planes of color. I enjoy paintings that have a lot going on in them, you can find new aspects every time you look at it. That's what I'm going for here.


Painting: October 7

I've always enjoyed stripes, in artwork and on my clothes. I add a stripe or two in my paintings whenever it seems appropriate. I like how stripes can be suggestive of so many different elements.


My Process. Revealed

The way that I work has become increasingly more important to me. I have a very distinct process that I use when I paint. It makes me feel very comfortable, and free at the same time. I have the structure that I desire, and complete freedom within the framework that I have set up.
As much as I hate to use the word "formula" it pretty much is one, although my paintings aren't "formulaic." I don't think the process is visible, and that's fine. I just like knowing that it's there. It leaves me free to explore any subject matter that I wish, and all my work still has a consistent style to it. 

I'm looking forward to seeing just how my style will shift and evolve as my work matures. I'm going to push this current system that I have until I get everything out of it that I feel possible, and then I'll move on to a new process that gives me adequate satisfaction. 

Painting: October 5

This little guy is from a new series that I'm working on. I'm working small (8x8) so that I can work fast. I'm having fun experimenting. Another architectural abstract Newton original is born.


Painting: Porch

I love how my paintings are becoming more abstract and architectural. This one has a nice mix of fluid abstract background and brisk line.


Painting: Baythorn

This was inspired by a house in Florida, right outside of Tampa. It is a modest house, not really extraordinary in any way. That's what I like about it.

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